In a collaborative effort involving the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Giocaruolando, and the Game Science Research Center, the 'Library in Gioco' initiative was actualized. The event took place at the IMT Library, situated in Piazza San Ponziano (accessible via Elisa), and was characterized by an ambitious agenda that foregrounded the impact of gaming culture on contemporary society.

The program featured an extensive assortment of board games, digital games, and role-playing games. Additionally, it showcased a cybersecurity-themed escape room, prototypes of games focusing on science diplomacy, sustainability, and social cohesion, as well as seminars and workshops. These sessions involved an array of participants, including academics, industry experts, trainers, and game designers. The initiative also included debates centered around topics such as the interplay between gaming and creativity, cooperation, social inclusion, and educational processes.

This initiative represented an exceptional amalgamation of enthusiasm, scholarly research, and professional expertise. It was in seamless alignment with the collaboration agreement with Lucca Crea, established four years prior, which marked the inception of the Game Science Research Center's activities. This partnership laid the groundwork for transforming Lucca into a central hub not only for gaming but also for the burgeoning field of Game Science.

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