Lucca Crea was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing the wealth of experience accumulated over the last fifty years by Lucca Comics & Games, enhancing the space of the Trade Fair Center and generating value for the territory, promoting the image of the city of Lucca in the world. The objective is to integrate the productive offer of the territory (and beyond) with the city's communication and territorial marketing capabilities into a virtuous circle, creating new opportunities for commercial and cultural development.

Lucca Crea is the company that organizes Lucca Comics & Games, one of the largest transmedia shows in the world. It also hosts in its Polo Fiere conferences, exhibitions, assemblies, national and international congresses, and offers strategic, logistic and communication consultancy to public and private institutions that want to develop their own ideas and their own cultural and commercial offers.

Ludo Labo is a team that has grown professionally through the organization of Play – Festival del Gioco, the main gaming event in Italy. An event of great richness and complexity, both in terms of size and type of content and realities involved. Over time, the group has developed collaborations concerning training activities and editorial projects.

Ludo Labo team combines two fundamental aspects: the diversity of skills and the presence of a common and unifying element. We have in common the great experience, passion and competence in the field of games, gained in a life of games and in a path - for many of us - more than twenty years of organization of game events at national level. Our skills embrace different aspects of the playful world (board game, role-playing game, miniature game, live game, video game) and a variety of professional experiences in the field of logistics, information technology, marketing and training. In our team, we combine an academic approach with a technical and productive one, which allows us great flexibility and the possibility of tackling problems from different points of view.