In the governing bodies on the GAME.SCI. RE.CENTER

Tiziano Antognozzi

Art HistorySociology of CultureEvents Managament
Game TheoryBehavioral SciencesEvolution
Game TheoryBehavioral SciencesEvolution
Philosophy of ScienceReasoning & RationalityGame Theory
Optimization,Machine Learning, and Game Theory
Computer ScienceCybersecurityTraining & Gamification
Game Based Learning, Gamification, Game Design
Research Unit @ IMT School
Head of Research, Tech Transfer and Third Mission Office (UNIMORE)

Anna Smaniotto

Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer Office (IMT School)

Ordinary members

Francesco Bianchini

PhilosophyArtificial IntelligenceCognitive Robotics

Marco Viola


Carlotta Capuccino

Ancient PhilosophyPhilosophical WritingTeaching of Philosophy

Diego Rizzuto

Science CommunicationGamblingBehavioral Economics

Alan Mattiassi

Game PsychometricsPsychology of gaming

Paolo Canova

Science CommunicationGamblingBehavioral Economics

Matteo Bisanti

Science CommunicationGame Based Learning
Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Gamification
Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Gamification
Optimization,Machine Learning, and Team Theory
Optimization and Game Theory
Optimization and Game Theory

Roberto Di Paolo

Game TheoryExperimental Methods

Dario Menicagli

Psychology of Behaviors and Games

Vincenzo Crupi

Political EconomyGender Equality
Regulation of Games with Cash WinsContrasting gambling

Romina Nesti

Game Based Learning
Philosophy Science Ludology

Maresa Bertolo

Game StudiesGame DesignGames for Social Change
Economic Thought, Business Administration, School of failure
Web Technologies, Social Networks, Distributed Systems
Legal Informatics,e-Sports

Ilaria Mariani

Game Design Research, Games for Social Change
Data Management, Information retrieval and data analytics
Museology, Geoscience Communication
Game Theory, Multi-Criterion Decision Analysis
Sport and Human Rights, Gaming and Minors' Rights
Gaming, Rules and Logic of Normative Systems
Special Pedagogy, Teaching of Inclusion
STEAM education, Game Based Learning, playful design
Science Communication, Roleplay, Writing, Game Based Learning, Gamification
Game Design

Arianna Rivi

Pedagogy, Education, Gamification, Game for Social Change

Fabio Viola

Engagement Design, Cultural Innovation, Gamification