Can you enter the NERD Co. HQ and stop their evil plans?

The first Italian award for Games for Change in three different categories: Best Tapletop Game, Best Activity with Tabletop Games, Best Activity with LARP Games. Organized together with Play - The Games Festival, Play Res and Game in Lab

Call 2021 (Deadline end of March 2021)

Game as a form of hospitality and tourism promotion in Modena

As part of the activities underway by the Municipality of Modena, aimed at qualifying or experimenting with new languages ​​and tools for information and tourism promotion, attention was paid to the theme of games, with the aim of applying a new language, precisely that of play, in a context that is not typically playful.

GAME Science Research Center is involved in this European Project with a specific game-oriented consulting for Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale


INAF in collaboration with the GAME Science Research Center is proceeding with the conception and design of a board game focused on astrophysics themes with particular attention to the dynamics connected to image resolution


Edutainment aimed at fostering prosocial behaviors in daily-life water management

A Game for Social Change on gender stereotypes in the labor market

SQ - Strategic Quotient

QS - Quoziente Strategico

Assessing actual strategic behavior to construct a reliable measure of strategic ability