The project aims to innovate the educational activities on blood and plasma donation in primary school carried out in Tuscany by AVIS, Comune di Viareggio and iCare, through the introduction of a board game based on the values of cooperation and prosociality, which are fundamental for the formation of the future citizen and for the choice to become a donor someday.

The use of this methodology will be combined with the scientific research of its effectiveness compared to the more classic educational methods, through the analysis of pupils' behaviors and choices, as well as activities related to the game itself.


Free training and gaming program for secondary school students organized by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory of CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Information Technology).


Valle Viva

Valle Viva is a board game developed to be used as a teaching tool for secondary schools. The creation of Valle Vive was possible because it was part of a path of educational innovation aimed at promoting playful teaching, promoted by the La Rosa Bianca Education Institute of Cavalese, through the activation of the “Homo Ludens” project and by the Istituto Comprensivo di Borgo Valsugana, through the “Gaming the Commons” project - with the funding of the Caritro Foundation - and with the support of territorial partners such as La Rete di Riserve del Brenta River, the L'Ortazzo Social Promotion Association, the professional commitment of the Ludo Labo Cooperative and the scientific coordination of the Game Science Research Center (Section GamER of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia). 

A game that encourages us to deal with the theme of environmental sustainability and the ecosystem value of the natural heritage that surrounds us. 

Livorno 1921. La Rivoluzione a Congresso

Board game for 3-6 people. The players take the side of the three main factions (Reformist, Maximalist, Communist) and their currents, which try to bring the outcome of the conference to a favorable outcome for their side. The game mechanism involves the use of cards, which represent the protagonists, motions and events, which are gradually played to change the agenda of each conference day. 

The game was created thanks to the funding of a tender from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the collaboration of the Ludo Labo cooperative 

Play4Change 2024

The Game Science Research Center, in collaboration with Play - Festival del Gioco, PlayRes Cultural Association, and Game in Lab, is pleased to announce the new edition of the Play4Change award, aimed at stimulating and rewarding research, development, and use of Games for Social Change.

Play4Change is relaunched with the support of GiX, the Research Center on Games for Social Change at the University of Florence, a member of the GSRC.

Fuga dal Castello

“Fuga dal Castello” is a digital escape game designed for a financial museum in collaboration with the "Museo del Risparmio" in Turin, the Neuroscience Lab Intesa Sanpaolo and the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. The game contains different riddles, each closely linked to a theme of financial education and money saving strategies. We conducted a neuroscientific study with 118 students (11-14 aged). The escape game main objective is to reinforce cooperative behaviors and the awarness on financial topics.

Scarica l'app del gioco per IOS e Android al seguente link

Lucca Changes: Campfire

"Lucca Comics&Games: Campfire" is a project joint with Lucca Crea to study which is the effect of decentralize a big event, such as the Lucca Comic&Games. To achieve the objectives of this project, qualitatitive data collection and analysis are employed.


Can you enter the NERD Co. HQ and stop their evil plans?


The first Italian award for Games for Social Change in three different categories: Best Tapletop Game, Best Activity with Tabletop Games, Best Activity with LARP Games. Organized together with Play - The Games Festival, Play Res and Game in Lab 

Call 2021 (Deadline end of March 2021)

Game as a form of hospitality and tourism promotion in Modena

As part of the activities underway by the Municipality of Modena, aimed at qualifying or experimenting with new languages ​​and tools for information and tourism promotion, attention was paid to the theme of games, with the aim of applying a new language, precisely that of play, in a context that is not typically playful.


The GAME Science Research Center is involved in this European Project with a specific game-oriented consulting for Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale 


INAF in collaboration with the GAME Science Research Center is proceeding with the conception and design of a board game focused on astrophysics themes with particular attention to the dynamics connected to image resolution


Edutainment aimed at fostering prosocial behaviors in daily-life water management

Free to choos

Sito Free to Choose e materiale ancora online 

A Game for Social Change on gender stereotypes in the labor market

SQ - Strategic Quotient

QS - Quoziente Strategico

Assessing actual strategic behavior to construct a reliable measure of strategic ability

Spiriti Elettrici: un percorso sulla storia della fisica

"Spiriti Elettrici" is an edu-LARP (educational LARP), in collaboration with Cronosfera, born from the desire to bring the experience accumulated in the entertainment sector and in the form of the LARP into schools.

The project aims at understand how the edu-LARP tool can enrich school programming, overcoming many famous dualities (such as play and seriousness or learning and pleasure), finding a synergy between them and generating a virtuous circle that , not only facilitates the achievement of educational objectives, but also leads to a passion for different means and playful realities, forming individuals who are open to accepting the experience of LARP (and new forms of play), even beyond the school context.