Play4Change 2024

The Game Science Research Center, in collaboration with Play - Festival del Gioco, PlayRes Cultural Association, and Game in Lab, is pleased to announce the new edition of the Play4Change award, aimed at stimulating and rewarding research, development, and use of Games for Social Change.

Play4Change is relaunched with the support of GiX, the Research Center on Games for Social Change at the University of Florence, a member of the GSRC.

Lucca Changes: Campfire

"Lucca Comics&Games: Campfire" is a project joint with Lucca Crea to study which is the effect of decentralize a big event, such as the Lucca Comic&Games. To achieve the objectives of this project, qualitatitive data collection and analysis are employed.


The GAME Science Research Center is involved in this European Project with a specific game-oriented consulting for Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale 


The first Italian award for Games for Social Change in three different categories: Best Tapletop Game, Best Activity with Tabletop Games, Best Activity with LARP Games. Organized together with Play - The Games Festival, Play Res and Game in Lab 

Call 2021 (Deadline end of March 2021)

Game as a form of hospitality and tourism promotion in Modena

As part of the activities underway by the Municipality of Modena, aimed at qualifying or experimenting with new languages ​​and tools for information and tourism promotion, attention was paid to the theme of games, with the aim of applying a new language, precisely that of play, in a context that is not typically playful.


Can you enter the NERD Co. HQ and stop their evil plans?

SQ - Strategic Quotient

QS - Quoziente Strategico

Assessing actual strategic behavior to construct a reliable measure of strategic ability