GAME SCIENCE is an emerging and still partially undefined area of scientific research, characterized by a strong multidisciplinary focus spanning many different disciplines (human, social, life, and natural sciences).

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What is GAME SCIENCE about?  Game Science investigates various phenomena related to the notion of "game", intended both as a model of strategic behavior (i.e., interactive decision-making) and as a system of rules and mechanics for ludic activities (i.e., gaming and play). Game Science encompasses the field of Game Studies as well as Game Theory and related quantitative areas of research.

As a model of strategic behavior, a "game" offers a general and flexible way of describing and explaining phenomena of interactive decision-making, fostering our understanding of their dynamics and helping to predict their outcomes.

On the other hand, a “game”, as a playing activity organized around well defined rules, embodies an important part of socially organized activities and can represent a valid tool for increasing motivation, prevention and healthcare support, scientific data gathering, scientific divulgation, cultural and social change, and even artistic exploration.

What is the mission of the GAME Science Research Center? The GAME.SCI RE.CENTER aims at promoting, supporting and spreading the research in the field of Game Science, focusing in particular on 4 goals: